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Tekkit Map - Need a mod

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Hi there, I'm creating an Adventure map for Tekkit. It's a very giant map, and I've always run into the same problem. How do I stop creepers from exploding? Well, with the new Technic update allowing mods, I've got a few questions.

First off, I need a Creeper Mod, either to disable them or to prevent their explosions from destroy blocks. If you can recommend a mod, that'd be great. Otherwise I know how google works.

Secondly, I need to know if it's possible for the average player to download my map, and have the mod included without them getting confused and not putting it in correctly.

And lastly, I'm not exactly sure how to add a mod like this on my own. I've watched the "Tutorial Video", but honestly it doesn't make much sense. I can sorta figure it out due to my own intelligence, but I'd like a second opinion for directions.

Thanks for any help in advance. Just as a bonus, I'd like to say that if my map turns out good from my friends who will be beta testing, I'll be putting it out on the web for fellow Technicians to play.

Thanks again. - xTimeswordx

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