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tekkit running slow on new computer


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I just started playing Tekkit a week or two ago on my old laptop and it was running perfectly fine with all the default settings. Last week my laptop died and I just replaced it with a new Samsung Series 5 ultrabook with a Core I5 1.7 ghz processor with turboboost up to 3.2ghz, 4gb of ddr3 ram and an Intel HD Graphics 4000. This ultrabook has pretty much the same specs as my old laptop (a Samsung R580) and my friend and I looked up the Intel HD graphics before I purchased the computer and we both found that it was about equal to my old pc's graphics card. Even though the new pc is about the same tekkit is lagging in single player even when I decrease the graphics settings and I can't figure out why when I looked in the task manager while playing only around %20 of the processor and 1500mb of ram was being used. I've been trying to just get it to run a little better and can't figure out why its lagging.

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