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Need a Free hosted server!


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Hey! Me and my friend wanna do a lets play of tekkit for our youtube channel and i cant seem to run the server and i dont have money to buy a server. What we need is a no lag tekkit classic server and can be just for us. if you could make a server for us we will give u a shoutout (a server shoutout if you have another server, or a youtube channel shoutout.)! if you could op and white list

RedSnivy13 and The_Funkey_Monkey and tell us if you have made the server that would be amazing!!!!

Thanks for the help!


Click -> HERE <- for our YouTube Channel! Make sure to Like, Favorite, and Subscribe if you like us!

Our Instagram:@Ragers_Gaming_Universe

Our Email: [email protected]

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Please, do a little bit of research. Any server that will run tekkit at an even remotely bearable level, is going to be costing you upwards of 40$ a month. No one is going to do that, for free, for someone they've never met before. This post is spam at best.

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Niavmai is right. Don't come begging here, it's not a charity site. If I or anyone happen to have too much money for some reason I will much rather donate it to the tekkit mod devs than a youtube channel. If your youtube channel is any good, it will make the 40 $/month for you to buy a server.

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