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Looking for Suggestions for Setting up a Public Server.


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Looking at setting up a server and looking at some suggestions and advice.

My intent to to have a fairly vanilla tekkit server with Mo Creatures, Bukkitforge, Essentials, Worldguard and Chunk Protect. Have that set up with a private server and seems to be working ok, once I got the permissions. Players use Chunk Protect for their times, and use World Guard for server items, like towns, dungeons, temples and roads.

How are specific items banned, and what are good times to ban?

I have TNT, Indusrial TNT and Nukes blocked from being placed.

Nukes and Meltdown set to 4.0 (TNT level)

How do i restrict items or entire mods to specific permissions or Essentials Groups? If someone has a link to a guide that would be great.

Any other words of advice before plunging in?

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may i have your mo creatures pack url?

Sadly Dr Zhark does not allow that with his mod, I don't like it, but I have to respect his rules.

Mo Creatures for 1.4.7 is much easier to install now. At least for Tekkit Light users, no need for editing jars with winRar. Just download the three files and drop them in specific folders.

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