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[Plugins/Mod/Question] Server Item Ban Question.


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I help to run a tekkit server and right now we are in the process of trying to add Quarrys as a "Donor only item". For this we decided to use TekkitCustomizer, we set up the bans and gave only donor ranks the right to Craft, Place, Own but we found an issue with this. If someone has an automatic crafting table and they pump the quarry out of it instead of just grabbing it, TekkitCustomizer will not stop it. And if they pump this Quarry they hacked for into a RP2 Deployer, the Deployer will place it. Normally this wouldn't happen, the fake account [redpower] shouldn't have the right to place this just like any other user, but on our server we OPed [redpower] because we use towny and without OP Blockbreakers and Deployers will not work in our worlds. Now to make the connection, because [redpower] is OPed it bypasses the TekkitCustomizer ban list allowing for a deployer to place a banned quarry for a normal member. I've tried to Deop [redpower] and give i specific towny perms but to no avail. I gave [redpower] the perm towny.admin and towny.claimed.* nothing seems to work.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated I've reached the edge of my knowledge testing this with no fix for it...

If you want anymore server specs just ask and Ill comment the info.


Tekkitrestrict, TekkitCustomizer, Towny, WorldGuard, Multiworld, Worldedit, World Border, And a few other essential plugins to a server of any type.

-The Server Mod Team

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