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  1. I use kits with tekkit items on my server and it all works great, just don't use the item ID. What you have to do it get the item name, one way of doing this is put the item in your hand and do ./worthset [somevalue] and then check the worth.yml file for the name which will look like this: x2345 Kinda a lazy way to do it but hey it gets the job done, have fun
  2. Go to the bukkit dev page for the plugin you want. Then instead of just downloading the most recent version go to the 'Files' tab at the top of the screen then look through the old files for a 1.2.5 version
  3. I know you can pump fuel (not sure about lava) into compustion engines. My suggestion before posting here just go into a creative world and do some trial and error Hope that helps
  4. How long has your server been open? One thing you can try is got to redpower.cfg and change the tube buffer setting to only buffer 1. I can't quote it right now but I think its like 'buffer = "-1"' Just change that to 1 and it will empty the pipes on the server so the entities can be removed from overloaded pipes
  5. Its caused by anti-aliasing, though it makes other games look good it causes minecraft textures to disalign. Just go into your graphics settings and turn off all anti-aliasing settings or set them to the minimal Also always use the option 'Let the application decide' for graphics where applicable
  6. Often if a Filter looks like it is 'stuck on' it just means that the inventory it is suppose to be sending items to is full. Check that and if thats not it let me know Ill research it a bit and see If I can find an answer.
  7. No problem Glad I could help out! If you need anything else feel free to PM me
  8. Another thing to add, make sure you deleted the pack not just the launcher. To delete it go to %appdata% > .technic then delete the tekkit folder. Also I know on multiplayer worlds there is a hacked client with a fly mode that disables chunk loading or atleast slows it to help prevent abuse of it on servers. Hope something there helps.
  9. It can be any random user, I thought the same thing 'maybe its a courrupt RP2 item in a chunk' Nope... It can be any user logging in :/ The users are from all towns and worlds so its not one chunk causing the issue :/
  10. Likely caused by a courrupt file or something of the sort, a way to check/fix it would be go to %appdata% > .technic then rename your tekkit folder to anything EXCEPT tekkit then try to launch it again. IF that doesn't work let me know and I'll try to be of more help
  11. If it is SSP make sure its not only one world as the first step
  12. I will get on the server in just a second but I'll post here first my first guess, make sure its the 1.2.5 version of ChestShop Also make sure the commands are working and that it appears green if you do ./pl Hopefully I can help you fix this!
  13. I'm not entirely sure of the bug you seem to be having but I will say stop using water stainers xD They are decrept and should have been removed, geothermal generators and hydrodams work the same way just connect the pipe and they have no known bugs
  14. Make sure you have the 1.2.5 version of essentials. I think that is your issue but if it continues post your log here and I'll figure it out
  15. Oh and a addon, I too once had a computer that could barely handle Tekkit from the processor side of things and a $10 graphics card got it to a nice playable FPS at normal Here is a link if you want to take a look LINK
  16. What he said ^^^ And don't bother with port fowarding unless you have a static IP or you want to set up a NO-IP account Hope that helps a little. Hope your server gets going soon
  17. I'd suggest you go to %appdata% > .technic and rename you tekkit folder, then try to launch it again and load everything fresh. If that doesn't work PM me and I'll help you further
  18. So how about those Olympics?

  19. Hahaha no problem glad to hear its working
  20. I'm running EasyOnchant on my server and people are walking around with some mod weapons enchanted so it works on some
  21. Change whenfull="drop" to whenfull="destroy" This causes items to be destroyed instead of dropped which would cause your server to lag. That is wrong ^ Not sure when that was added to this list but it wont work like that alone and "destroy" is not an option for it. What you should do it replace: tubebuffer { length=-1 whenfull="drop" } With: tubebuffer { length=1 whenfull="vanish" } Hope this helps EDIT: Proof of how this works and why it works is in the mod itself, just open the RedPower mod with WinRAR or 7Zip and look at the info that pops up with it It explains the config and all the updates Very helpful!
  22. That problem is typically caused by a permissions error on the file. If you have access to the actaully server via SSH or RDP/VNC you could run 'chmod 777 BTeam.jar' and then the multicraft user would have access If not try deleting and re-uploading or contact your host. Good luck!
  23. Good server, I played around seems to be a feature filled and pretty organised server + Tekkit Restrict + Clear Rules + Clean World - No EEPatch - Expensive Donor Ranks - Free Towns and Expensive Nations
  24. Seems to be a good server, I'd suggest banning force fields as they just arent mutliplayer nice generally. + Clear Rules + Nice design - Huge protected area around wild spawn (took minutes to swim away from) - Costly Donations