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New Tekkit Series - Inviting People On Soon!


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So hey, I'm Kyle from the youtube group, "The WaskiPeople"

We are now doing a tekkit series and yesterday, we decided that we would like to invite people on. We will be inviting people on mainly to help us and teach us with some of the mods such as plugin (Which none of us have ever used) and maybe a bit of ocmputercraft (I can use it, the others can't).

A link to our first video will be below. Please watch it and maybe sub.



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You might want to move this here:


Reporting your post and asking a mod to move it there in the report usually works.

You might also want to read the forum rules first though, since you broke one fairly obviously there, so it would be a better idea to remove that mistake first. Good luck with your Lets Play :)

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