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Projection Blasting w/ Nuke


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I have discovered a very unique way to use the Nuke Block for minimal Block Damage and Maximum Player Damage.

I will demonstrate with the following screenshots.

First we must use Blastcraft to build our Projection Vessel.

We start by digging a simple 3x3 grid 1 block deep in the ground.


Next we fill the base grid with Blast Proof Walling. Then on top of this we fill the corners with 1 block apiece.


Over this structure we have created we next put another 3x3 grid matching the bottom.


Now we must place a Nuke at the center of the Structure. Also linking it to a red stone device. I used a simple lever. Some may want to do something different to give them time to run. I was in creative mode so no need to run from the blast.


Next activate your redstone device and enjoy your results.


It's worth noting that if someone was behind several layers of stone, that this weapon may not take out there base or even penetrate it. But I have tested and found that it will destroy them with blast damage and radiation.

Thus making the Nuke more like a Neutron Bomb.

Anyone needing an explanation of a Neutron Bomb can go here,


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