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  1. Dude take a huge chill pill. First have you tried resetting the pack inside the Launcher Pack Options. If so in the options folder [open] the folder where Tekkit is stored, it should be a folder called TekkitMain. Delete this folder and restart the Technic Launcher. Once you restart go into the pack settings and pick the latest installation release. If this doesn't work I would suggest you look at your system and do the normal routine of check your Java installations. Sometimes an update can be the fix to simple problems. Sorry I can't offer a direct solution, since computers are each their own little monsters, different systems require different fixes.
  2. I'm going to sort through my worlds and see if I can find my Infinite Loop Hydrogen Generators. If I find it I will post some screens.
  3. You just gave me an idea. I'm going to see if I can go high into the minecraft atomsphere and make a low orbit weapons platform. "Thanks"
  4. Survival Island Tested in Voltz Minecraft Version 1.4.7 Seed: 77001873 Settings: Large Biome, The others don't seem to change the map any. Main Island Main Island has a cave that bottoms out to lave near bedrock. Another island was spotted at these cordinates. +207 +671 Hope is works for you guys, I love these seeds.
  5. Yeah I was checking out all the new content, also the YTGamers site. I remember back in 06' when you were lucky if you could make it on youtube just doing gaming videos. It was just kind of a niche thing back then. I can't believe the way its exploded in the last couple of years. I love going on youtube and watching guys like you and others and what they capture, create, post.
  6. Loved on episode 37 when you just randomly put TNT on the Reactor as you where closing out your video. I also appreciated the Optifine Tutorial. Keep up the good work man.
  7. Looks like I'm gonna need a bigger wrench to handle this. Nice work man.
  8. And on the 2nd day of the internet they said "Let there be a search bar" "For those that come after us will surely need it" No pun intended on your part man. Check this out- http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/%E2%98%85-new-voltz-tutorials-%E2%98%85-a-comprehensive-guide-new-update-how-to-set-up-bukkit-server-teleporter.36089/ Tactical Lion has been making leaps and strides providing some top notch quality guides. I hope this helps.
  9. Touché Though instead of a bazillion tracks, mine just simple walks. XD
  10. A couple over the years. Nintendo. Paper Boy - Super Mario Bros Sega Gen. Jungle Strike - NFL Football 94 PS1. Nascar 98 - Final Fantasy 7 "Best RPG Ever" - Driver PS2. Smugglers Run 2 - 4x4 Evo - Metal Gear Solid 3 Sega Dreamcast. Crazy Taxi - NFL 2k1 PC. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun - Alpha Centauri There is way more then that but these brought my grades down and left me sleepless the most. I still turned out all right though, so it was definitely worth it. Though I wonder now, if I ever have Children if they will have the same experience I did. I mean blowing on Sega Gen. Cartridges till you were blue in the face, just to play 8 solid hours, then the screen to glitch, and have to reset and do it all over again was a right of passage. Oh and no memory cards. Your progress only got saved if your cartridge had internal memory. And those were few and far between. Best time of my life. Wouldn't trade it for nothing......
  11. The Rocket Launcher with Conventional Missile will hit the Ender Dragon. I've tested it a couple of times. Nukes will too but there not that efficient considering that The End is not as large as the Normal Minecraft Map. Now as far as some of the things I would like to see, without mentioning any other mod names. Railgun Artillery- Capable of Splash Damage with very little Collateral Block Damage "Like a long range shotgun" More Railroad Assets- "Steam, Diesel, Electric Trains" that kind of thing. More here from another mod- http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1587267-146sspsmplanforgetraincraft-formerly-trains-zeppelin-mod/ As mentioned before some type of mining equipment that uses UE API would be cool too. Here's my choice for Electric Mining Equipment. XD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Muskie I used to stop down and watch this thing in the coal strip pits when I was younger.
  12. If your talking about the Centrifuge I experienced a similar problem. Though considering how young this Pack is I'm happy with the Dev's speedy updates. There's alot of promise here. I hope they keep up the work and keep squashing those bugs.
  13. Hey, sounds awesome. I was working on an automated Coal/Coke/Creosote Plant and kept running into Infinite Liquid Loops. Mainly with the Liquid Loaders/Unloaders. Might be that Railcraft and Fluidmechanics need more time to become fully compatible. Or I may be taking to many steps in transporting the fluids. But I'm looking forward to the video. I might learn a thing or two.
  14. Little advice don't ever bump your own threads. This isn't a chan site. XD I'm just getting back into Voltz after I did a week on a Tekkit Server. I can see if I can confirm your issue for you by loading up a couple of my worlds. In the meantime you could always post a Bug Report in the Offical Section: http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/voltz-bug-board.69/ If it does end up being your Voltz Installation I would refer to this thread to reintall the Technic Laucher for a clean build: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/duplicate.37249/#post-308823 Hope that helps.
  15. Just wait for the whole pack to update. Thats what I do. Otherwise it would get complicated keep each one up to date. That and each time the Entire mod updates it ensures stability between all the packs.