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Problems with pipes. Throwing everything everywhere....


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So I have a problem with piping ores into the macerator. So the first type of ore pipes in just fine then what happens is then as the next ore tries to pipe in but it shoots off in very direction and i am using obsidian pipes powered with red stone engines but it wont suck it up 100% of the time. In the past with my last servers it has just rested above the macerator and was able to easily be sucked up so i find this very odd. any ideas or help with this would be great.

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first off, don't bump your threads and learn to use the edit button.

secondly, this is how BC pipes work. stop trying to pump multiple types of ore into your single macerator at once, or start using hoppers or redpower tubes. you could also use more than 1 macerator.

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