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Cannot get 80% of plugins to work. Need shop plugin


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I just got into minecraft 2 weeks ago. My nephew loves Tekkit and building things on it, and I got my friends to join my private whitelisted server that I have running Tekkit. I wanted to have a basic sign shop where people can setup their own shops and I can use gold as a currency, since I disallow EE.

Come to find out because Tekkit is 1.2.5 none of the Bukkit plugins are correctly working with it, giving me java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.scheduler.BukkitScheduler.runTaskTimerAsynchronously(Lorg/bukkit/plugin/Plugin;Ljava/lang/Runnable;JJ)Lorg/bukkit/scheduler/BukkitTask; for every shop plugin I try to install.

My search seems to indicate people saying I need to update "craftbukkit" or that I need to run an updated minecraft. Well. Tekkit ships with 1.2.5 and I am not sure how to upgrade it, besides invidually upgraded every mod myself so it works OK with 1.4.5 or higher.

Hasn't someone already done this? Apparently this is some sort of knowledge on how to update Tekkit because so many tekkit servers have plugins that I cannot seem to get to work, plugins such as SignShop and iChestShop, both which error out giving me the runTaskTimerAsynchronously error.

Tekkit lite is updated, I havent tried it yet to see if it would work, but I already got people use to Tekkit Classic, what am I compromising if I switch to tekkit lite? will the same world I have now work?

It should be noted that I was able to install BOSEconomy with no apparent issues, it's just every shop plugin I've tried (4 or so). Does anyone know any sign shop plugins that can work for 1.2.5 tekkit?

I am willing to run beta or even alpha plugins.

I run a linux server on Debian through a headless VPS. All I want to do is run a whitelisted server that has an economy plugin with a shop plugin, so I can set signs and associate them with chests. Would like the option of players creating their own shops, and being able to have an infinite shop where they sell their gold for the game currency.

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The trick isn't to update the tekkit server, you were misinformed. The trick is to download the proper version of bukkit plugins. Tekkit runs with Bukkit 1.2.5, which means all of the plugins you install NEED to be version 1.2.5 as well. Most of the plugin pages, providing the plugin is old enough to have seen 1.2.5, have older versions under the 'files' tab of their bukkit page. Just download those, put them in the plugin folder and you are golden.

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