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Fisher - How does it work?


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I've tried to set up a fisher to get some automated food, but I can't seem to get it to work. Been googling for the past hour and seen many suggestions, but so far none have worked.

One guy showed a picture of his setup where he just fed it EU directly from a Solar Array and it would work. Another guy said that it is necessary to use MJ to make it work.

I've tried both and nothing happens. When I put EU into the fisher, the energy bar in the GUI doesn't move. If I apply a redstone signal, the sleep bar fills up and resets after a few seconds, but this doesn't help me at all.

If I set up engines next to it, they don't move, yet they heat up as normal.

I've also got a 3x3x3 area of water underneath it.

Anyone got any tips?

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messed around with it for a bit. you do need to put MJ into it, but you need a fucking lot for anything to happen. with 2 combustion engines it takes like a minute to fill up the green bar (middle), which then gives 1 fish (popping out the top unless you place a chest ontop)

as a general hint. use a creative world to figure stuff like this out... or a SP world with NEI in cheat mode, whatever you feel more comfy using

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Yeah, I should probably have tried creative first.

Seems like it works as long as you give it enough power. I hooked a generator directly to the fisher and that works. Get one fish for every two charcoal, so not very effective, but with an automated tree-farm, I don't really care :)

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hm I did not even try to use EUs. EU seems to be way to go tho. with EU you can fill up the red power bar, whereas en engine outright increases the green bar at a super slow rate.

hooking it up to a batbox will already give you maxed speed.

However, Im guessing that youd probably be better off with a breeder (also MFR) and a small cow pen

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