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  1. so. After I wasnt all that satisfied with the result midas produced, I actually went ahead and took a look into the Patch.txt it produced and looked at which IDs its actually changing. What I found was that midas gets confused by lots of IDs where the mod authors forgot to give them names, like this: Block. Name: tile.null. ID: 3707 Block. Name: tile.null. ID: 3708 Block. Name: tile.null. ID: 3709 Block. Name: tile.null. ID: 3710 [...] Item. Name: item.null. ID: 8782 Item. Name: item.null. ID: 8783 theres lots more of these. So from what midas can tell, these IDs need to be switched around and it just produces a merry-go-round on the IDs. After eliminating those from the Patch.txt I actually ended up with a completely empty Patch.txt TL/DR: You dont actually need to run Midas to convert 1.0.6 worlds to 1.1.8 because theres no ID changes
  2. yea the conductive pipes in BC are somewhat bugged. to unbug them you have to blockupdate them (i.e. place something next to the line or something) Also, this idnt true. redstone conduits have a flat 5% loss, regardless of distance traveled, whereas golden conductive pipes have WAY less loss over short distances. similarily, energy tesseracts have 25% loss
  3. I tried updating the way you described too and everything AE related was lost, so I can confirm that. Combined with the 0-30sec into the game crashes made me stick with 1.0.6 and maybe start with a fresh world on 1.1.8 once these crashes are ironed out
  4. not sure where youre coming from because I use _only_ BC pipes. also this isnt the BC feedback forum, mod authors wont hear you.
  5. we went back to 1.0.6 because of this for now. also apparantly all the AE networks break when you use midas to update... not too fond of that but oh well
  6. Hi, I did the update to 118 and am now suffering from a weird issue. At seemingly random points the game will just either close or display a gray screen and not respond anymore. The forge log then simply says: 2013-08-23 15:20:31 [iNFO] [Minecraft-Client] Stopping! 2013-08-23 15:20:32 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] 2013-08-23 15:20:32 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] SoundSystem shutting down... 2013-08-23 15:20:32 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Author: Paul Lamb, 2013-08-23 15:20:32 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] 2013-08-23 15:21:03 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Exiting mod pack without any errors prior to that. I have a suspicion that this is triggered when a sound is to be played, but Im by no means certain about that. Scanning the Log for "ERR" I only found this: Has anybody experienced this before? The installed lwjgl version seems to be the most recent (2.9) btw
  7. seriously? wow that would make up for the lack of 1.6 (which has the same thing... almost). Thanks a lot for this! Also I figured it out in the mean time, thanks for your suggestions tho. Turns out it was a leaking DimDoors pocket world, I didnt notice the server console spam until today :|
  8. Hi, Im running a tekkit 1.0.6 server on fairly resonable server hardware and have a friend plus myself playing on it. The world is now 4 days old and started lagging for both of us pretty badly yesterday. The lag will occur in spikes (at least once a minute) of maybe 2-5 seconds length and it does not appear to be I/O lag because it doesnt only appear when you interact with inventory blocks (chests/machines). Whenever a lag spike occurs I can see the cpu usage of the server java process climb to 400-700% (whereas 100% means fully utilizing 1 core on linux). I have ran /debug on the server during 2 lag spikes but that appears to be a vanilla command because the interesting parts say "unspecified": Is there any real way to debug/diagnose this lag issue without removing every single block we placed and check if that fixes it? More notes about the world maybe: I have restarted the server (process), the lag remains. We also havent created any mystcraft worlds or dimdoors pocket worlds yet. There are however inter-overworld dimdoors. the world has a single chunk loader set to a radius of 1 and 1 turtle running a simple mining program. Ive never experienced this kind of lag before when playing on my own on the server for like 2 months or whatever it was. So Im assuming its something weird my friend built. Now that theres no ic2 anymore, if cant be wiring loops. The only things I know he made and built that I have never touched before are: - powersuit glove and placed maybe 50 lights with it - some weird ME storage system thats like 4x4x4 ... and thats really about it Any pointers?
  9. do you run MoCreatures by any chance? that mod is flawed in that even if you disable ModifyVanillaSpawns and DespawnVanilla, it still sets "/gamerule doMobSpawning" to false, might wanna check for that. setting it back to true will last until the next server restart
  10. and now Im wondering why I wasnt doing that... so.. thanks for suggesting it
  11. well... never mind, I decided to just load a backup
  12. Hi, I ran into a small problem. logged off of my server last night, returned today, game stuck at 0,001 fps due to there apparantly being over 9000 entities (no literally, F3 says 9150ish entities) near me. this means that theres absolutely no chance to even walk a single step with my guy. this is probably due to item overflow from a quarry. the quarry is in a mystcraft world, items are being transported via ender chest to the main world. I think really the only way to deal with this is use some server console command that removes all the dropped items from the world. now since this is tekkit lite, theres no worldedit. does anyone happen to know any forge mods that add commands to do such a thing? Side question: why the fuck is my main base even remaining loaded while nobody is near it (in fact, the server was empty over night and still apparantly the quarry continued to work). Now obviously the quarry keeps itself loaded, no mysteries there. But thats in a mystcraft world... why is my main base remaining loaded? Theres absolutely no quarries or tesseracts in my main base, only the "receiving" ender chest and some item teleport pipes (phase pipes or whatever theyre called now). Pls halp
  13. (Easy crafting) worked/s in tekkit lite 0.5.2 single player, havent tested anything else just yet
  14. forestry (mods folder) (if you must.....) portalgun (mods folder) soulshards (mods folder) all work fine
  15. well apparantly not. maybe someone figured out how to emulate the CI shortcuts with invtweaks then? because I couldnt get that to work flawlessly either. important shortcuts are: shift+click - move stack to "upper section" i.e. chest or crafting grid alt+click - move all stacks of the same item ID/ dmg value to upper control+click - move a single item from the stack to upper q - drop single item shift+alt Q work accordingly