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Are Logistics Pipes broken?


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Even though this is the first time I'm attempting to use Logistics Pipes, I've watched countless tutorials on how to use them - so I'm not discounting the fact that I might be doing it wrong....

I have a chest with lots of cobblestone in.

Connected to the chest is a Provider logistics pipe.

This then connects to a stone transport pipe which ends in a Supplier logistics pipe connected to another chest.

I've left the provider empty so it can supply anything from the chest and left it in normal inventory mode.

In the Supplier, I've put a stack of 32 cobblestone.

When this is first placed into the provider, it works fine and pulls over the 32 cobblestone.

If I then take all the 32 pieces out of the chest, the supplier sits there doing nothing and will not pull any more cobblestone over.

I then broke the pipe and placed it again. 32 are pulled over.

I take 16 out, these are replenished. I take another 16 out. Nothing happens.

Take out the remaining 16. nothing. I then have to break the pipe and replace it again

Another time, I'll start again, place the pipe and put a stack of 32 in. They're pulled over.

I take out 16 again. This time, nothing is pulled over.

There seems to be no pattern to the way it doesn't work.

Am I missing something here or is there actually a bug?

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interesting... I just loaded up my test world and everything seems to be working as intended... Which version are you on? 0.5.2?

Set it up just like you described, pulled 32, restocked. pulled 16, restocked. Everytime. Post a screenshot or 2 of your setup.

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The server is on 0.5.1.

Here's the main setup. The power junction is in the upper left corner under the MFSU, but is connected.


Here is the contents of the diamond chest -


The provider -


The Supplier -


And finally, the iron chest (which during the posting of this, still hasn't been refilled) -


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