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I recently bought minecraft and have been playing tekkit classic with the bd craft texture pack. I've been going around the world and it seems to have a really bad FPS as it keeps on stuttering and isn't smooth. Don't know why this is as I have a core i7 quad core laptop with 6gb of ram, any help guys ???

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Try playing around with Optifine, decreasing render distance etc and see how that works.

For max FPS try using the following settings:

For maximum FPS use:

- Graphics: Fast

- Render Distance: Short/Tiny

- Smooth Lighting: OFF

- Performance: Max FPS

- AdvancedOpenGL: Fast

- Clouds: OFF

- Fog: OFF

- Animations: All OFF

- Sky: OFF

- Stars: OFF

(Taken from the MCF Optifine thread)

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