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  1. IIRC there is a bug with the version of soul shards in BD 1.3.9 which stops the right-clicking from working, but this has apparently been fixed for later versions according to the soul shards MC forum thread.
  2. Once you have the kinetic , thermal and solar generator modules installed in it I've found that I never need to charge mine. ( I do have an elite battery in the chest piece maxed out so i have a reasonable energy buffer though)
  3. Not sure if it is a bug or not, but fillers will not accept inputs of materials from pipes, hoppers or chutes...... Anyone know any other way to auto-fill them as i'm trying to fill some old quarry holes and it obviously takes ages to do it by hand :O
  4. I'm having a similar thing where i have a manual farm with stone bricks with dirt layed out and it is just sitting there doing nothing other than consuming a fertiliser every couple of seconds, yet still complaining that there is none.... Screenshot:
  5. How do you input/output liquid with pipes/liquiducts? I'm assuming that there is some sort of valve block?
  6. No surprises there, thank goodness he was forced (I hope) to back down, I could imagine that one could have got very messy if he hadn't. Yeah a few of the things added by GregT are cool, but compared to some of the major screwing he has done with other mods.......well........ And in terms of IC2, the only thing i'll miss from it are large sinks for materials late-game, as virtually all its processing abilities has now been improved upon by the likes of TE.
  7. That sounds like a really neat solution, a bit like (apologies for the IC2 analogies) copper cable is rubbish and *very* lossy over long distances, whereas the glass fibre ('normal conduits' in TE) barley loose anything :)
  8. IIRC they are disabled in the current versions of buildcraft due to major bugs (source: BC wiki)
  9. Try posting a screen-shot of your setup so we can see what you've done more clearly. :)
  10. I've been using OptiFine_1.4.6_HD_U_D5 without any problems with 0.5.9 Try clearing your cache, which will cause tekkit to re-download, then trying again. Also make sure your installing it into Modpack.jar rather than Minecraft.jar
  11. You could use a sorting machine, it has a mode where it will pull out without the need for a timer Also you could use relays to input from BC etc pipe networks :)
  12. Which version of Lite are you using? I had similar problems with 0.5.7 with Optifine C3 Ultra, but having updated to 0.5.9 Lite with Ultra D3 have had no further problems. If you are using 0.5.7, the version of forge in it is incompatible/buggy with optifine, and this is a widely known problem, which is fixed for later versions.
  13. Try using an aqueous accumilator + liquiducts as in my experience they tend to be far less buggy than pumps + BC pipes
  14. Cheers, it was more that i wanted to check that i wasn't doing anything stupid and that there was actually a limit. :)
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