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SkyCorp Tekkit Lite (0.5.2) Bukkit/CustomZip Whitelist


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Application Form

IGN: Aryeh56, Hawlman561

AGE: 17 , 14

Favorite Mod (Just wondering): I'm a big fan of redpower, I do aesthetics a lot and lights make me happy, my brother (Hawkman) also likes red power, but he doesn't really have a favorite.

Why you want to join: We're looking for a stable server without a lot of people where we ca co-op in peace.

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Okay I did something wrong but do this and it WILL work

1) Unzip the file i gave you (COPY THE CONTENTS)

2) go to your tekkit folder (where the texturepack folder is are found) with %appdata%

3) Paste Contents (Select merge Files)

You need to add the custom zip

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