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Having trouble with MC Patcher, Tekkit Lite, and Sphax Texture pack, Please help!


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Alright, I've been searching for a while and I might of become overloaded with text and just missed something simple as to why this is not working but here is my issue

I run the Technic Launcher clean from the start and get a fresh .Techniclauncher file in my %appdata% folder

I install the Sphax PureBDcraft Texture pack x64 plus the Tekkit Lite x64 Addon

From here it works fine, but some textures don't apply, namely just water and lava are the original textures from standard Minecraft.

Now here is where it gets to be a problem, I go and use the Most recent MC Patcher I can find and assign it to C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\tekkitlite\bin so it will patch that file, it patches and is all hunky dorey,

And then after that I run Tekkit lite and it keeps crashing, it starts to load up but doesn't even get to the 'Mojang' banner. If someone can tell me how the hell I can get the textures fixed using MC patcher, or ANOTHER way I can get the Sphax lava and water textures working, I would be GREATLY appreciative.

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