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Why does nearly every explosive have to butcher the landscape?


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The only relatively clean weapons are the poison explosives, everything else turns the landscape into swiss cheese.

What mostly bothers me is that weapons with more of an 'anti-personnel' role end up turning the entire visible landscape into swiss cheese or worse, while often times leaving an enemy still alive.

With certain weapons, it is OK that they do damage to the terrain, but it would be best if they only damaged terrain under certain situations, like being buried under several blocks.

Is there a way to configure the damage to entities and terrain?

The amount of collateral damage caused by explosives is obscene, made even worse when it flat out permanently destroys naturally generated terrain so that it can't be picked up and filled back in. (How does one 'destroy' dirt or sand? I've never seen sand vaporize into sheer nothingness from an explosive, just dispersed a little.)

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