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Fusion power not feasible


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Just to test it, I made a large fusion generator, with 8 large turbines (72 turbines), and superconductor wiring feeding back into the power buffer battery box.

The containment chamber is a doughnut 1 layer thick, and 3 blocks out. All turbines are spinning.

The insides are filled with plasma and flames, and the turbines are all spinning.

The power being generated seems to be only barely enough to sustain the reaction, and in fact, the battery eventually runs dry after a long time of usage.

There is no net gain of power.

It is literally more feasible to get power from heat generators (which are OP and should be removed imo, since lava never cools down, it's a more sensible heat source than anything but possibly solar power)

Am I missing something critical, or is fusion power supposed to be posing the problems it does now, with it taking more energy to maintain the reaction than is actually gained?

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Sorry to double post, but here's an update. I tweaked the design a bit, and got it working with an overall gain in energy generation.

It turns out that I had the things too far out, and that the outer ring was not generating any meaningful amount of heat at all.

This diagram below is basically a cross-section of the inner chamber.

The top of the containment right under the water NEEDS to be made of electro magnetic coils, NOT the glass variant, as it doesn't seem to heat the water.

The bottom and sides may be composed of the electromagnetic glass, however. (This may be a bug)


Plasma likes to spread out about 4 blocks outward, so this setup gives it more surface area to work with, and if I'm not mistaken, works better than the one shown in the tutorial, without the need of pistons and flowing water.

Just use water on top of the electromagnets, and given the space on this design, the still water will re-fill any gaps created when it evaporates into steam.

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I have tested a few things myself and found that when I compare one large turbine with the 9 individual ones they are made from the large one delivers the power of only one turbine anyway. Think it is bugged.

Try using all individual turbines and see if that makes a difference?

Also, I have not really had any success with Fusion anyway since I cannot get it to even fire up right most of the time. I am overall not impressed with atomic energy right now and may only employ it to deliver enough power to make antimatter in a super collider. And I plan to use Fission for this since Fusion seems buggy at best for me.

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