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ARGH Sphax Help??


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Alright so I am fairly new to technic (literally less then a week of use). I recently have been looking into texture packs for it since it is kinda boring and dull with the current default textures. So I was looking around and found Sphax, it looked really amazing and I decided to get it! Well I downloaded the x64 and also the patch I needed. I copied the files from the patch into a folder with the Sphax textures, compressed it and then dropped it in the correct folder. I then opened up the launcher and went to go select the texture pack. It showed up perfectly fine and all yet it was grey for some reason? Along with this it wouldn't activate it either! What am I doing wrong here? Did I select the wrong texture pack from Sphax or something?

P.S. Is this even the correct place to post this question/request for help? If it's not then I'll go to the right place and ask there haha.

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