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How can I get Tekkit to use the dedicated video card


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I have a laptop with the following specs:

CPU - i5 2340M

Video Card - GeForce GT 540M 2GB


The problem is Tekkit Lite(well, Minecraft in general) uses the default CPU's integrated graphics controller and I cannot, for the life of me, make it use the dedicated Video Card.

I mean for f**k's sakes, I can run Skyrim on High and I barely can get Tekkit to run at 20 FPS. I've installed Optifine and set everything to low and it's somewhat playable.

Point is, how can I get Tekkit/Minecraft to use the dedicated video card.

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I have a laptop with roughly the same spec, you need to go into the nvidia control panel, click "manage 3d settings" in the left of the window, switch to the "program settings" tab, click the "add" button next to the drop down box, browse to your java directory and select java.exe (or javaw.exe depending on what your computer uses), click "open" (or double click the java.exe), then in the "Select preferred graphics processor for this program" drop down box, select "high performance nvidia gpu". Click apply and you done.

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