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[1.0.11]Arms Race![No Lag][pvp/grief][20 slots][Bukkit]


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Welcome to the Arms Race

Use Voltz Recommended Build

Our main mission for this server is to deal with lag. The creation of this server was in

part by other servers having way to much lag to do anything productive. So hence

created Arms Race! This server is open to everyone that would like to join

and blow some things up. Just come on the server rarely ever has lag

we are still working on getting rid of it but there are still some

small tweaks needing to be made.

Come on in and see for yourself!



We have Bukkit!




More to come.


We dont really have any rules because we believe rules would sorta defeat the purpose of having a full on pvp/grief server. The only real rule is blow up the other players.

Disabled Mods:

No mods are disabled at this time.

Banned Items:

No Banned Items at this moment still being discussed on some items though.


The Server is usually up 24/7 there is an occasional time it is down to be worked on but that is usually done on another side server I have running that I test on so it should rarely be down except for installing new things to the primary server.


Applications are held at the server website.




Steelwinger, Avariceofman


Drpein, Zetrolink, Carmenpasta

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This server's spawn building is still a little underconstruction, and the plugins still need a touch of tweaking. But it more than makes up for it in having an almost entirely lag free experience. Besides a bit of client side lag and the usual second of tp bukkit lag, I didn't lag for any of the 3-4 hours I spent playing on it today. Compare that to other top ranking servers and you'll understand why this server has a lot of potential even if you do need to be patient with some of the usual startup issues (spawn building u/c, plugins being changed around a little, etc.).

Given the limited slots, it would be wise to get in on this server early. Start building your arsenal before you end up out gunned. That said it's a level playing field, may the best man win, and I look forward to blowing most of you up at some point ^.^.

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The server was down earlier today sorry for the inconvenience the plugins messed up somewhere and it wouldn't allow anyone to do anything I'm not sure what exactly happened but it is fixed now and the server is back up and running for all of you to enjoy.

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The only thing this post needs is pics of spawn, and I would consider joining.

I would post a picture of the spawn for the forums but at Avariceofman of man stated the spawn is still under construction so at the moment there is no spawn really but as soon as the spawn gets completed i will be going to add pictures of it to the forums.

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This server is really starting to impress me now lol. Everyday I get back on it seems there is some change for the better ^.^. People who really do want a lag free place to play voltz really ought to give this one a try. I said it before I know, but honestly looking back at the lag in the other servers, this one is just awesome. Besides some basic world generation lag at it's very beginning, I can't remember a time I've lagged long enough to even give me a chance to complain about it lol. People like me who got fed up with other servers lagging absolutely abysmally -.-, should really check this one out. Website is pretty cool too lol

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