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  1. server seems to have been down for the day, as well as, well, right now. ETA on when it'll be back up?
  2. Right, just throwing this out here, there are some more mods that need to be added to Voltz to make it functional. At the moment, Voltz is the closest approximation to a PVP Tekkit, and more needs to be added to allow for this. It is my personal opinion that a minimalistic approach be taken concerning any future addons, but at this moment, Voltz is severely lacking in several areas. These areas are: automation and mid-range, non-destructive warfare (projectile weapons). At the moment, farming feels crude and leather is an extremely scarce resource. "Infnatry" warfare is also unfortunately non-existant As a suggestion of what mods should be added, I would personally suggest these following mods: Redpower Steve's Carts Flan's mod Traincraft Wireless Redstone ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Also, things to consider expanding upon might be some more decorative things such as the Jammy Furniture Mod and a reasonably large-scale auto-miner similar to a quarry (something like the miner from Thaumcraft 2).
  3. IGN: (<------------------------------------------------------------------------) AKA firedune Ban status (ever been banned?): unsuprisingly, no. I get along well with just about everyone, and I frequently answer as many questions as I ask. Take that last one however you want. Well, this is kind of a rhetorical question isn't it? (what do you plan to do on the server?) Put simply, I plan to play tekkit! I Generally like to use IC2 over EE, but I play well with just about everything. One thing on my list, however, is making a long-range quarry system, and remote pumps and substations. I'mma need chunkloaders for that... Are you actually any good at tekkit (what's your experience level?) Well, I certainly don't know everything, but I know enough of everything (barring computercraft) to be an asset to any kind of builder. I've tested out a remote oil pump in my last server, which uses a whopping total of 15 various pipes over a span of 64 blocks! Hopefully I can apply the tehnique over longer spans, and eventually dimensions with quarries and more. Yes, I like to think i have some experience with tekkit. Oh, and I already have mumble and a headset, so I'll use it if I feel inclined to
  4. This is a great Texture pack. It brightens up just about everything, and is a fantastic change from sphax. If you were too lazy to merge the patch for tekkit, this pack contains the themed textures for just about everything. It's also an easy installation, just download and throw it in the textures folder, select it and you're good to go. This is one of the best texture packs out there, and a great alternative to sphax in tekkit. Even if you want to stick with tekkit, just give it a try, it really mixes things up.
  5. Username : firedune Age: 18 Country/Timezone: USA/ EST Years playing Minecraft : well, i've been playing for a month or two, but almost exclusively tekkit Previous op/mod experience? : Yep, On one server before. What you feel you can contribute : I believe that I'm a decent builder, and I like to work on both megastructures as well as personal homes. I Primarily use buildcraft, but i'm well-versed in almost everything, with a tiny bit of blutricity. Time you can contribute to the server : Depends what day. Usually I can put in 2-3 hours Do you have any Mysql, Java, or HTML experience? How many years? :Just a but of C++ and a smidge of Java. not enough to actually do much, mind you. Other information you feel may be pertinent. I like to work with a theme, am I'm pretty darn flexible. I'm great a at making compact furnishings, and I love to work with others. I also Have a headset ready for use. I primarily use mumble, but i'm open to using any VOIP program if one is needed, as long as it's free of charge.
  6. In Game Name: tass123 Age: 18 How Long I Have Played With Tekkit: Honestly, I haven't been playing for too long, about a few weeks or so. I've only played a bit on one server, which was pretty vanilla as far a Tekkit goes. Have I Ever Been Banned: Nope. Why I Would Like To Work On This Project: I'm looking for something a bit different than a Vanilla Tekkit server. I do like to make megastructures and factories, as well as working with a theme. Also, I can't work alone, it's no fun without someone else! Plus I've got an excellent headset for an VOIP comms you might have. Previous Building Experience: Well, as you can see, I haven't exactly had too much time to build too many things, but So far, i've got one large themed town that recently got griefed (it was mosty made of wood, glass and wool, and a flame griefer came, so you know the deal) under my belt that was completed a day before the grifing. Currently I'm working on a steampunk/Industrial revolution themed town with shipyards, docks, airships, and Railcraft transport systems moving things inbetween a large ravine. Unfortunately, Railcraft takes forever, so it's been going kind of slowly now...
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