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Found myself unable to add Convenient Inventory


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previously you used to be able to get CI to work alongside NEI by only putting the ConvenientInventory.class into your minecraft.jar/modpack.jar and in fact the NEI mcforums thread still says to do just that.

However that doesnt appear to do anything anymore because CI doesnt create its config file nor do its default keybinds work (yes, InvTweaks shortcuts have been disabled since they work differently).

This is just a wild guess on my end, but Im thinking that NEI+CI possibly stopped working together when NEI stopped being a mod that you had to put into the jar and became a forge coremod.

I was hoping somebody here had already encountered this problem and found a solution for it, since I seem unable to.

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well apparantly not. maybe someone figured out how to emulate the CI shortcuts with invtweaks then? because I couldnt get that to work flawlessly either.

important shortcuts are:

shift+click - move stack to "upper section" i.e. chest or crafting grid

alt+click - move all stacks of the same item ID/ dmg value to upper

control+click - move a single item from the stack to upper

q - drop single item

shift+alt Q work accordingly

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