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Custom Pack loading Vanilla MC


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Hello.I'm having trouble with the custom pack selection.

When I go to the launcher and select a custom pack, then go to options to input the direct URL/clear cache, launching the custom pack doesn't load the following:

MCP v7.26

FML v4.7.4.520

Minecraft Forge

or any mods

is there a file/folder in the rar that's missing, or is there an issue with my launcher?

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A custom pack needs to add forge (which includes MCP and FML as well) itself. So you will need to download minecraft forge and call it modpack.jar, then place that in the bin folder.

Thanks Jim. The current workaround has been to just to delete my tekkit lite mod folder and extract rar into my tekkitlite directory. it's not clean (will interfere with other tekkitlite servers) but it works.

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