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Crash on server join - Codechicken.core?


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Ohhh, so should i go into mcedit and delete them until then? I only have 1

EDIT: Can't get mcedit to load up the tekkit world, guess they conflict becuase no chunks load. Maybe if i delete the "forcedchunks.dat" file in my worlds directory itll temp fix it?

Thanks for working on a fix, I really appreciate it.

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Okay, so I loaded up the map in my single player (I don't know why but it worked, which says that its a bug with the server's forge loader and dimentional anchors) and deleted the anchor and it all works now I believe.

Although i'm kinda scared to use any sort or chunk loader now haha. Thank you for pointing out it was the dimentional anchors.

But still let me know if you find a fix or if you know of any chunk loading blocks that can replace the anchors and still load chunks?

(I hope theres another chunk loader that loads them between dimentions, because i need my snowball machine to be loaded in the overworld while im in the nether)

Thanks again!

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Ohhh, plugins you're asking? Well I haven't added any yet since bukkit and tekkit lite are really glitchy together. haha

Do you know of a plugin that works with bukkit and tekkit lite that purely takes block damage from creepers? It's annoying playing tekkit with potholes everywhere. :p

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