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CustomZipFiles for Tekkit

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I have some questions about adding a mod in TekkitClassic.

I like Tekkit the way it is, but I always wanted to add the mod Mo'Creatures there, because Im missing this.

I watched the video and I think I know how it works. But just one question.

For that mod I need to add another mod (GuiAPI) into the minecraft.jar.

It wasnt explained how to do this in the vid and I tried to do it like:

Adding the mod into a zip and rename it minecraft.jar, put it into another folder named "bin" and then zip it up, upload it and add it into the launcher. I dont know if thats the correct way to make it work.

Another question would be, can you add several mods into the Custom Zip Folders, when you press "Options" in the Launcher to add .zip files. If you can make this, how do you separate them. Can you just do it like "(firstlink),(secondlink)" with a comma between them?

Thanks for the help.

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