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[0.5.7] HighGraded server[Factions][PVP/PVE][50 slots][24/7]


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[50 Slots]

This is the HighGraded server running Tekkit Lite 0.5.7 with a ton of plugins.

Everyone is welcome, I will upgrade the server as it fills up. I am surprised how fast this server has taken off so i have been upgrading it constantly.

Server name: [0.5.7] Tekkit Lite Highgraded

Server address: highgraded.game.nfoservers.com:25565

We have a ventrilo server that you can find in-game.

Check our forum at



This is a Semi-Hardcore survival server! Please do not join the server if this does not sound like fun. We are looking for people that like the challenge of progression but do not want things given to them for free.

We know this server is allot more difficult than others, this is on purpose for the more hardcore minecraft/tekkit players. If you like things to be given to you go to a creative mode Tekkit server.

I made this server to balance pvp and make it physically imposible to get into claims, if you have it set-up correctly. Raiding is allowed so please look at the claim tutorial in spawn so you do not get items or machines taken. Unbanning items as i modify them, So they do not override claim and pvp. Items cannot be duplicated on this server.

Looking for faction leaders to take in new players and make guild groups. This includes: teaching them how to connect claims to make a guild protected area, managing guild members, setting up wars against other guilds. Must know factions commands.

I will update the banned items soon. we are enabling items daily.

Omega and myself have put allot of money and work into this server so have fun and let us know what you think.

The server info can be found here here:

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We will be starting the town-build event all day Monday, jan 28 1:00pm pst, it will last all week. This is where all the players on the server get together and build a town next to the highgraded spawn. A range of blocks will be provided in chests. There will be prizes for amazing builds. So if you are a great builder stop by on monday and i will get you setup in the event.

If you have any questions reply to this post.


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We still have the mod. Staff is only allowed to make it for special areas. Portals will be placed in spawn.

darn i was hoping i could create 1 of my dream worlds 1 is a hard core suspense survival where your underground go to the surface you die eventually the meteors will break through the surface and kill you or you can keep moving and survive. the other is a regular survival with the wooden tendril bridges that go every where even in the ground and you can go up hi added with tall trees.

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1: I don't cuss, and don't approve of it. I guess you could say I'm nice, I try not to judge and try to keep people from being rude.

2: I'm an op on a server and know all the basics of minecraft (and a little bit of redstone circuitry). When it comes to tekkit I know more than my friends, but I'll be the first to admit I'm no pro! =D

3: I would like to be a guild leader because 1, I would like to prove myself (I guess) ,2, I would like to improve my leadership skills, and 3, I think it would be fun to work as a group!

Hope this is a good resume :)

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