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[Bukkit][0.5.7]Tekkcraft![20 Slots][PvP][PvE][No banned items!!!]


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Welcome to Tekkcraft.net - Home of the increasingly popular ServerAI

[h1]ServerAI replaces essentials![/h]

Please note that due to a spawning glitch you will spawn for the first time on the roof of our spawn. Our spawn command has been replaces by ServerAI who uses in game chat instead of commands... simply ask SAI to send you to spawn (you need the words sai me and spawn in the same sentence

Tekkcraft has been working hard and round the clock for a long time to build up a server we believe you will all enjoy :) we have gone through stress, exhaustion and about 3 hosts to bring you the least laggy, most entertaining experience we can offer, and we're still getting better!

one of our owners spent several months building the new spawn area for our map which we hope you will all enjoy as we fill it with interesting surprises

Server IP:


Server Rules:

Our rules are likely to change over time. the latest rules can be found at www.tekkcraft.net

  1. You must respect the Tekkcraft staff. the Moderators and administrators work for free in their own time and the Owners arent paying every month to be bad mouthed (we want to have fun aswell)
  2. You must not Advertise another server. we dont like an empty server so dont steal Players from us :)
  3. ANY Sexist or Racist or Sectarian Comments, "jokes" or insults will mean an instant and un-redeemable ban. we dont want it, they dont want it. just dont say it
  4. Griefing AND PvP are permitted in the wilderness


Tekkcraft is going to be running 24/7 with minimal down time for maintenance

There are NO restrictions on items just now but that will be changes when we introduce VIP packs :)

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