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[3.1.2] SilliTekkit [PvP][15 Slots][Keep Items on death][Nothing banned]


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Server IP: play.freezemc.com:25570

[Notice: This was a previously popular whitelisted tekkit server]

Server rules:

1.) No using cheat/hacks. It ruins the games for others and you.

2.) Don't spam. Spamming results in a temporary mute and or ban.

3.) No threatening other players. This server strives for a friendly enviroment

4.) Directing offensive speech to a player will result in a temporary ban, and if continues will result in a permanent ban.

[These server rules are subject to change, to be added on or to be removed from. It is the players duty to stay up to date with the rule changes.]

Questions and Answers.

Q: Are there any mods removed/disabled from the base Tekkit Pack?

A: Only the 'Watch of Flowing time' item has been removed.

Q: What are all the major plugins on this server?

A: Essentials, Worldguard, KeepItems,Tree assist, LWC

Q: Why did you create this server?

A: I created this server because I was tired of tekkit servers in which admins or mods abused their powers. The result was this, which so far was a great success.

Q: What is the expected uptime of this server?

A: The server is 24/7, but sometimes the server might crash.

Q: What is the community like on this tekkit server?

A: We don't like to brag, but we believe we have the best community. The players are all friendly and would help you out with all your troubles.

Q: What do I do if I get griefed?

A: Tell a moderator, admin, or the owner. They will check if your claim is correct, ban the player and refund your lost items.

Q: What tekkit version is this server?

A: It's tekkit 3.1.2

Links & Other information

Want to email or contact the server directly? [email protected]

Want to watch one of our youtube videos? http://www.youtube.com/user/SilliTekkit

Want to visit our website? Sillicraftgaming.enjin.com




More pictures coming soon.

Be sure to post server reviews, etc. below!

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