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  1. IGN: kenn3111 Age: 15 Skype: I have it. Why would you like to join?: I like the way its sci-fi and i checked the server out, read everything and im ready to go! I would really like to join this server and it looks awesome. Which nation would you like to join and why?: I would like to be a rebel, because i liked the their story
  2. Hey i noticed that you do free server hosting and i would like that if you could get me one up running

  3. minecraft username: Kenn3111 Age: 15 Country: Denmark ps3 or not? I have ps3 experience level with voltz 1-10: 4 other information I should know: none
  4. IGN: Kenn3111 Age: 15 Reason for joining: Because i want a server with not so many banned items and few players, and no griefers Have you read the rules: Yes Tekkit experience: A half year
  5. Kenn3111 15 Been playing voltz for 2 weeks now I like working with others or just a partner i am looking for that Because i want a server with pvp and faction with no scumbag people cheating and shit Most of the day
  6. eh sorry the first K doesnt need to be capital, i wasnt whitelisted Didnt see i was on other account im kenn3111
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