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Change copper wire recipe! [modchange]


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Hey guys,

Just wanted to start about the copper wires, because as you may know voltz takes a lot of leather in its recipes. I think voltz is a great mod, but the fact that everything runs on leather makes it consume so much of your time and actually ruins the fun of playing this mod. You have to be online for hours to even collect enough leather from your cowfarm to make the most basic things.

I noticed there is some info about making wires from wool, but this also seems not to work. My advice to the modmakers is to take over the copper wire recipe from tekkit. I know it's an other mod, but that system is just genius.

I hope the modmakers will read this, because this problem really destroyed my fun playing this mod and i know a lot of other people feel the same.

To the people who are having the same problem, please post a reaction/support in this topic to make this change work, Thankyou!

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