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Soo I try to open up voltz and I get a message saying this:

Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation

You have mod sources that are duplicate within your system

Mod Id: File name

Mekanism: Mekanism-v5.0.10.jar

Mekanism: Mekanism,,jar

I have a lot of stuff done on this and ill be pissed if I lose I, PLEASE HELP :(

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If by opening you mean that your not making it from from the Technic Launcher to Voltz Minecraft?

I suggest, going into the Technic Launcher options and Clearing Cache.

Then start voltz.

That way it re-downloads the Voltz Modpack. """""Don't Re-download Technic Launcher""""" <------ You might lose your save.

Little hiccups like what you describe can be caused by packet loss from the download server to your pc.

Or it could be The Kraken. "Who really knows"

Myself personally,

I'm running the latest dev build 1.0.11|1.4.7

See if that helps, if it don't, post again.

"I will then help you back up your world, and re-download Technic Launcher"

"Then Re-Install your world"

Best of luck,

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Ive already tried clearing cache and I got the same result, and I already tried redownloading (oops) but I still got the same result, id still like to have hope my world is still alive, I had a lot done and im sad about it :( lool Your help is very much appreciated !

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The first thing you need to do is locate the Technic Installation Folder.


"Name" <----- Being what you username is on your PC.

Once you locate this folder look in it for the Voltz folder.


Once inside of here you want to locate the Saves Folder.


Look in it for your World Save.

Copy the folder with your World Save Name to your desktop. "Copy/Paste"

This will preserve your world when we delete the Technic Folder.

Now go to C:\Users\"Name"\AppData\Roaming

Here you see several folders. "Your looking for the one that says ".techniclauncher"

At this point if you have copied your world to your desktop for safe keeping, it should be safe to delete the ".techniclauncher" folder.

Once you delete this and send it to your recycle bin, I would take an additional step and may sure you empty your recycle bin. "That way its just plain gone, not bugging us later"

Now once again download the Technic Launcher as if your downloading it for the first time.

Before we restore your world back to the game.

Make sure you run Voltz and see if you have fixed your problem. "If not keep searching and know that your world is safe <--Unless there is a major game breaking update."

If you have fixed your problems please use the above steps to locate your save folder and Copy and Paste your World Save Folder back to the Saves folder.

"Let me know if this helps."

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