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So at different time throughout the day or night in game and with different upgrades to the Recyclers. I am getting the issue below. Ive got a bank of Recyclers hooked up with Solar power and some MFE's.

Right now I've got is isolated to night to minimize flooding of the error log but during the night it is filling the log on the server so fast that its causing a little bit of lag while playing. I'm seeing 20 lines per second for this error in the log.

2013-01-27 13:52:06 [WARNING] [iC2] API ERROR: ic2.core.block.machine.tileentity.TileEntityRecycler@60fb1a5b didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.

Anyone got any ideas?

I'm running the latest version of the Tekkit Lite server and Launcher.

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Yes I do mean the recommended version... Sorry for the confusion. I am still very new to Tekkit. Would you happen to have links to the proper version of IC2 to pull the latest version from also is there a place to pull the latest non recommended version of Tekkit Lite?

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You can get newer versions of IC2 here: http://ic2api.player.to:8080/job/IC2_lf/

They are dev builds though so not all are stable, I use 196 without any issue.

Also you can get the latest tekkit server builds just by modifying the server download link. If you go here: http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-lite/ you'll see it lists the latest version as 0.5.5 but the server download links to 0.5.2. If you take the link to the server download which is http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/tekkitlite/Tekkit_Lite_Server_0.5.2.zip and modify the last digit in the filename to at 5 you'll get http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/tekkitlite/Tekkit_Lite_Server_0.5.5.zip which will download the newest version of tekkit lite.

You can get the latest client build simply by going into the options in the technic launcher.

Keep in mind if it isn't a recommended build then it is a development build that may not be stable. You're going to want to back up your world before doing any of this in case something goes awry. If you don't backup your world and you corrupt it I will have zero sympathy for you.

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