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  1. MFFS doesn't require world restart, just make a mystcraft age and BAM new ores.
  2. Just in case I ever need to escape a trunk, it will be there to remind me how.
  3. Tekkit Lite and Technic are essentially the same thing now. There is no reason to have Technic anymore (it is in fact being phased out).
  4. If you go back and read the thread you're referring to carefully, he was *blaming* the fact that he had a bad experience on that server on the tekkit devs and anyone involved in this website. He was acting like he wanted the them to do something about the fact that he had a bad experience on that specific server. Initially people tried explaining that those servers were not the tekkit dev's responsibility. A normal person would have said "Oh, I didn't realize that, what can I do about it then?" And the conversation would have moved on and been productive from there. The issue is, the guy
  5. Yeah that's actually exactly what you said. You're an idiot.
  6. With the newest version of BukkitForge (230) this plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/autotimeday/files/5-auto-timeday_v1-2-3/ has stopped working. It worked fine on version 149. Here is a pastebin of the FML log. http://pastebin.com/bYjmjuks
  7. Hint: If you're getting your news from a website called "conservative news and views" you are probably an idiot. Read those websites with a grain of salt because even if every single word on it was factual, you're still getting massively slanted information designed to make you believe something that likely isn't true. The same applies to websites/"news" sources with a liberal slant. Also this thread is bad and you should feel bad. :frogout:
  8. Alternatively you could use that nifty new custom zip feature. http://www.technicpack.net/custom-zip-build-your-own-private-modpacks/
  9. Also, Lukeb: Your information does not apply to Tekkit Lite. Reactors were changed and now require a redstone signal to turn ON not OFF.
  10. Source of what? Slowpoke freaking out at Cal in IRC? The many witnesses have already corroborated it. Are you trying to say it didn't happen?
  11. It's what we've been talking about off and on for the past 7 pages in kitty jail...
  12. There is no evidence that has been posted indicating the Voltz modders were rude in any way to the FTB team. The only thing that has been stated in response to the accusations against FTB by Calclavia is "I was kidding, you guys suck I'm kicking you out."
  13. http://www.technicpack.net/custom-zip-build-your-own-private-modpacks/
  14. Try again is the only thing I can recommend. The issue you were originally having is fixed in the newer versions of tekkit lite.
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