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Voltz is useless in Multiplayer

Knut Seifert

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so here we are, we have Intercontinental Missiles, we have Teleporters, trackers, etc, etc....

So, can we use them......NO!!



Here you are, laser designator in hand, ready to call in your airstrike from your T3 launcher. You click on Target........nothing happens.

Same situation, you have your mobile teleporter in hand fully charged and move about 1000 blocks away from your fully charged stationary Unit only to find that you no longer have a link since the chunk unloaded.

The list goes on and on.

Don't get me wrong, Minecraft Multiplayer is still a lot of fun. However its pointless using long range mods if they are chunk dependend.

So stop advertising for strategic Warfare if the effective range is only as far as you can throw a stone

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Rail craft is in Voltz right? That means there is a mystical block called a world anchor! What does this magical thing do? It keeps chunks loaded in a 3x3 area!!!! Problem Solved!

Please do some research next time before you start raging.

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