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Huge memory comsumption.


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My tekkitLite folder just gnawed the free space on my hard drive. All 126GB of it. Don't know what caused it, but coincidentally every time I put a map marker something goes wrong in my system.

Fixed by just deleting the folder and downloading everything again. Backed up my world (25MB). Nothing was lost but it surely was weird.

Also, I updated my video card driver and tekkitlite suddenly turned from confortable >30 FPS at maximum graphics to <8 FPS on those specs or 25FPS with some lag spikes while everything is set to low, even if the world is not generating. Vanilla minecraft runs at everything maxed flawlessly. Was the only modification I've done that resulted in this issue, while I was using tekkitlite 0.5.2. So, anyone know how can I rollback to the drive version I was using without using system restore? Or it does not have anything at all with my driver?

System Specs:

NV GeForce GT540M (current driver is 310.9, was using 304 before the issue)

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Java build 1.7.0_11-b21

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Is this FPS problem the issue were the NVidia driver doesn't mark java apps as needing 3d acceleration?

It was. Every Java related .exe was set to use the chipset graphics. At first it didn't work, then I gave up and went to nerf my graphics. It was when I noticed Advanced OpenGL use was turned off. Switched it and now everything is fine again =D (there are still some lag spikes though, but I'm using unstable tekkit version right now). Tanks dude!

By the way, framerate dropped steeply when I was in my workshop, a CF Wall structure where almost every mod meet in about 4 chunks of map. I was starrting to blame the mods.

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