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  1. It was. Every Java related .exe was set to use the chipset graphics. At first it didn't work, then I gave up and went to nerf my graphics. It was when I noticed Advanced OpenGL use was turned off. Switched it and now everything is fine again =D (there are still some lag spikes though, but I'm using unstable tekkit version right now). Tanks dude! By the way, framerate dropped steeply when I was in my workshop, a CF Wall structure where almost every mod meet in about 4 chunks of map. I was starrting to blame the mods.
  2. My tekkitLite folder just gnawed the free space on my hard drive. All 126GB of it. Don't know what caused it, but coincidentally every time I put a map marker something goes wrong in my system. Fixed by just deleting the folder and downloading everything again. Backed up my world (25MB). Nothing was lost but it surely was weird. Also, I updated my video card driver and tekkitlite suddenly turned from confortable >30 FPS at maximum graphics to <8 FPS on those specs or 25FPS with some lag spikes while everything is set to low, even if the world is not generating. Vanilla minecraft runs at everything maxed flawlessly. Was the only modification I've done that resulted in this issue, while I was using tekkitlite 0.5.2. So, anyone know how can I rollback to the drive version I was using without using system restore? Or it does not have anything at all with my driver? System Specs: NV GeForce GT540M (current driver is 310.9, was using 304 before the issue) Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Java build 1.7.0_11-b21
  3. Now, that's just beautiful. Best "turn on and forget" setup i've seen so far. Mine's to squeeze every bit of juice in them fuel rods. I had a conservative mind, but since I gave myself 64 more uranium ingots as sort of a packup and move out from my old world, and found some 20 more in my new world, using that much cooper on those reflector plates just seems silly right now. To design it, it just put on some patterns of components, while learning about them, to see what was good, then fidled with it to spend less diamonds (I got plans for those gems).
  4. I still didn't get it right, but it seems you are missing a step: Dismantle your nuclear reactor(s) Alblaka of IC2 says the reactor inner workings were completely changed, and that players should dismantle them before updating, or else there may be some trouble. Am I doing it right? When I load the world that is to be converted, I still get the exact same problem as simply pasting my 3.1.3 world into the lite saves folder (I get stuck at building terrain). What I'm doing is copy the world I want to convert to the tekkitlite saves folder and use midas with the files there. Does that work at all? I've tried every translation patch in this thread and still got the same problem, stuck at the same place. Also, is there some trouble with microblocks? Cause I use to build houses out of them... One more thing: There is a new vanilla ore (which is completely unnecessary if you ask me. We could use gold nuggets or craft them into coins for trading), possibly some new mod ores and a new biome. That means changes in the world generator, wich means a wacky transition between old chunks and the new ones being generated. The seed of my old world results in a completely different map already. I guess the best thing to do is start over. Use NEI to give me items from the old world, sorta like pack up and move somewhere else, and build it all over again. Until the next update.
  5. So, are players teaming up? Are the missiles flying yet?
  6. Worked. I was going to build a ccSensors device to monitor it, but now I don't need to. Gratitude =)
  7. Thanks DarthDavis, but it didn't work. Solved it! What I did was try to launch the world via 3.1.3 server. Should have tried this before. It created an error log that pointed the problem. It was with the reactor chamber and the thermal monitor placed in it. Removed it and the world loaded. Tried to put it back and the game crashed. So puting the thermal monitor directly to the reactor chamber is a no no. It crashes the game. Could someone warn the devs?
  8. Title: [3.1.2 to 3.1.3] Stuck at Saving Chunks. Version: 3.1.2 OS: Win7 Ultimate x64 Java Version: 1.7.0_03 Description of Problem: When I try to load my world created on 3.1.2 with the current 3.1.3 on SSP, I got stuck at the saving chunks message that appears right before the world becomes playable. It freezes for a while and then goes blank, making the game stop respnding. Similar to what happens when you try to load a world with tekkit content on vanilla Minecraft. This world doesn't have Advanced Machines stuff in it and I also deleted the mod from the folder. The weirdest part is that an old world I have, created on tekkit 3.0.1, still loads flawlessly and it got about the same stuff that the problematic world has. The world is not corrupt nor has been due to the update. I can load and play on both the world that I'm having trouble with and the one that still loads in 3.1.3 if I roll the update back to 3.1.2. My guess is that there is some problem with mod integration that surfaced on the latest update. I'm currently removing anything related to mod association (like removing pipe connections from IC2 machines, removing engines powered by RP2 wires, removing power converters and so forth) from one world and adding them to the other to see if I can find what's going wrong. I could share the worlds if anyone is willing to help inform the modders about a problem they may face. Error Messages: Error Log:
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    Update Bug

    What happened is that the mods failed to load. Not much can be done right now unless you have a backup of your world. I once had to rebuild my entire workshop because the chunk it was on got corrupted and was overwritten by the world generator. What I can offer is a hint on how to prevent this from happening again: First of all, always keep a backup of your world. Secondly, if it prompts you to update, you do so (after backing up your world). Especially if you set the launcher to fetch the latest updates. What happens at this point is that the launcher may not load the mods if you click "no", and what happens after is compatible with your problem. Third, ALWAYS check how many mods are installed. It is listed on the lower left corner of the title screen. It should note that 41 mods are installed as of 3.1.2. Id also recommend that you choose manual build selection and control the updates yourself.