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Patin Plays Technic, Tekkit, and More. New Tekkit Season!!!


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Re: Patin Plays Technic and More.

Buy or "Acquire" Sony Vegas HD. It's what I use and it's pretty easy to learn by yourself or with tutorials as well as edit in extra things, make sure to render it as a 6mb 720p rendering, I do them into .wmvs but they're pretty big, if you don't like waiting ages for an upload an .mp4 would be best as I think they're smaller, "think" being the word, dont quote me on it cause I don't know all the specifics. xD

Edit: And if I could make one little assessment after watching them. Could you possibly turn your music or sound effects (preferably both) to about 10-20%. Its what i have it at, and it makes it much better to understand you other then the sound of wind and stuff constantly in my ears instead of understanding what you're trying to say. Other then that. Good job!

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