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Updated Tekkit Lite=Mods Missing (Can't Start Server)

Dr. Zuko

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Hey guys, i just updated from my tekkit launcher for the new spoutcraft update. In doing so however, it seems that I cannot start my server because it says I have numerous mods missing. I checked my folders and the ones that it stated are missing are actually there (from what I can see). I'm stumped. Am I supposed to physically update some mods or something?

Here is a list of the mods apparently "missing":

Thermal Expansion

Nether Ores

BuildCraft: Silicon

BuildCraft: Transport

Thermal Expansion: Transport


BuildCraft: Core

IC2: Nuclear Control

Thermal Expansion: Factory

MD: Reloaded: CompatForestry

Dimensional Anchors

MD Reloaded: Compat IC2


Thermal Expansion: Energy

Steves Carts

BuildCraft: Factory

Immibis Core

Power Crystals Core

Logistics Pipe: Main


Buildcraft: Builders

Mf Reloaded: Compat Extra Biomes

MF: Reloaded

Anyone else have this problem?

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