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Native Bukkit Support - Complete 0.5.7 Server

Air King

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Current: 0.5.7 MCPC - #74 Core

This is the server I run, I rarely deal with ANY griefer problems. If I can inhibit griefers, even a little, by giving this out. I am happy to do so. As I update, I will update this server and re-post a new link.

READ THE README. No seriously, just read the damned thing. If you can not take time to follow my instructions, you deserve whatever happens.

Note: CoreProtect is for logging block placement. It does not work for rolling back changes. With GriefPrevention, you will not need to anyhow.



Notice: I take no credit for any of the plugins here, just the configuration and compilation. Thanks to the guy on this forum who tipped me off to MCPC.

Yes There Is: Yes there is a ton of banned items. These items bypass GriefPrevention. I am working on fixing this with another plugin. However, it is totally worth it. For every banned item, there is an alternative. People might complain at first, but they will complain more about having their builds wrecked.

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Glad the MCPC worked for ya, Im loving my MCPC setup.

Me too! I worked really hard on a compatible setup that would reduce griefer incidents. This really does work. I run an open server - no whitelist - and we have never had a major griefing incident. Even if we did, we do 5 days worth of 15 minute backups. No PVP and mobile spawnpoints really help.

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