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[0.5.7]The Tekkit Society[PVE][30 Slots]The Community Tekkit Server

Tom Hillman

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Welcome to The Tekkit Society!


No whitelist, No banned mods, only two banned items, the mining laser (until we find a plugin to undo griefing with it) and the nuke. All other items are available to you upon joining our server and reading the rules. Come and play now!

Welcome to one of the friendliest servers you will ever encounter. We are running a small friendly community which is bursting with life and fun, we strive to make sure that you are happy and our Admins and other staff are always on hand to cater for your needs when necessary.


Please be kind

Please refrain from harsh language

No racism

No griefing (Will be met with bans)

PvP is enabled but no mindless killing

Listen to Admins

Have fun

We are running Tekkit lite - 0.5.7, we are running bukkit and have an array of plugins such as chestshop and mcjobs and are wanting to add more when it is necessary. We believe we are one of the first to utilize these plugins on a tekkit lite server so come join! In addition we have lots of grief prevention and protection to stop those pesky greifers. We’re currently running Grief Prevention, CoreProtect, Group Manager and Essentials. In addition we’re running other backup plugins and are looking to start getting more fun plugins such as Mob Disguise and Factions.

We have ‘Spleef’ within our server and are making a PvP/PvMob arena for you to play in. In addition we constantly run server events for your entertainment. We have a strong economy system comprised of chest shops you can set up, an automated store and a manned bank that you can use.

We are a UK server so lots of our staff are from the UK and on a lot of the time, but have no fear if you operate in a different time zone as you can still play. We are expanding with staff from other countries so we can still provide the good community service players expect from our server. If you have any issues please contact us anytime using the website below.

We have an automated promotion system to allow you to build based on if you read the rules in game or not. This is designed to stop people just joining quickly to grief. In addition we have an array of anti grief plugins and protection plugins that you can use to keep your stuff safe.

What do we stand for? We stand for you, we want to make the most enjoyable server experience for you the user, we have nearly no items banned which allows for you to experiment to your heart’s desire.

Please any questions ask us on our website:

www.thetekkitsociety.webs.com or via email (On the website).


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