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Redstone + Mouse Button Lag


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I'm having a strange problem regarding redstone activation and the mouse buttons. I was having a very annoying stutter when trying to break blocks when near my home area, and I finally tracked it down to not the blocks themselves breaking, but merely from holding the mouse button down to do so. If I did it in open air, I experienced the same drop in framerate. I was able to follow the increasing lag spikes to my Redpower timer, which I turned off, and that helped. I then disabled a repeater loop I had set up elsewhere, and suddenly the lag spikes when holding a mouse button were totally gone.

To demonstrate, I assembled a simple group of basic redstone and repeaters and set them off in a loop. Then I held a mouse button. As you can see in the image, I had consistent extreme lag spikes each time. It's worth noting that this only occured with the left and right mouse buttons, not the middle one.

When I logged out of my Tekkit Lite server, and used the exact same client to connect to a vanilla Minecraft server, this problem didn't exist at all.

Perhaps it's associated with the Redpower mod. If I get the chance, I'd like to make a vanilla Minecraft + Redpower by itself and see what happens. But until then, I'd like to see how many other people are experiencing this problem.

p.s. It might be worth noting that it seems that the lag spikes produced when the Redpower timer activates are worse/thicker than just the combination of repeaters.

p.p.s. I started running a quarry out away from my base, and after returning, I started to realize that I could cause the lag spikes yet again despite no redstone signals happening. So I went all the way back out where the quarry itself is, and I was able to recreate the lag spikes out there, too. When I got them initially, there was no quarry running, it was just on the redstone pulses. But now they're sporadic but rapid. The quarry is running via two teleport pipes, one for energy from combustion engines and one to dump in a chest, if that's relevant. Either way, there's some relation, since I get the lag spikes just from holding a mouse button (the right one in this case).

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