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Voltz Evolved Server [v1.0.11]


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Hello everyone, Voltz Evolved is owned by me completely. If you join you will spawn in a little hole underground i made and protected using a plugin. There will also be stairs that lead up to the rest of the spawn. Also, I do believe the plugin that I used to protect the spawn will allow default users to take advantage of it.

Plugins Made Possible By: BukkitForge Special Thanks To Bukkit Team For Plugins!

Special Thanks To Technic Team For Ever Adding Voltz

Ultimate Extreme Thanks To Notch For Making Minecraft!


IP: voltzevolved.zapto.org | | | | |Voltz Version: v1.0.11 (Be Sure To v1.0.11)

Owner: Smelliott2

Hoster: Smelliott2

P.S.- I think a little credit goes to my friend for making the idea.

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