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Protect regions from turtle, quarry,...


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i was looking for a solution to prevent turtles, quarrys, fillers,... from destroying the protected areas on my server.

I am using (mcpc+ not Bukkitforge) worldguard to protect my regions but everybody could use one of these miningingtools above to ignore the protection and destroy the whole area.

Is there a way to prevent these machines from breaking claimed blocks. Maybe with an other plugin?

I have been searching this and other forums for hours but i could not find anything that helped me.

I hope you can.

greetings Cakestory

P.S. I do not want to disable turtles,... because i like programming them :)

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grief prevention, use that for land claims/protection; works great on mcpc+ btw. I only use worldguard for spawn turning of PVP now, griefprevetion for everything else.

I havent tested turtles yet, but grief prevetion can be configured with custom block id's requiring claim trust etc.. If that doesnt work setting their permissions might work (using perm plugin)

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@leninparty Looks like a nice mod but i was looking for a plugin. Anyway thanks.

@FanaticNinja I did not know that Grief Prevention is that good for mcpc+. I will try it tomorrow. What exactly do you mean with "If that doesnt work setting their permissions might work (using perm plugin)" (I use PEX)

@lukeb28 I know that this is possible but it is no option for my server.

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For Grief Prevention i had to manually add item id's to BlockIdsRequiringContainerTrust:

- 227:*:BatBox

- 227:1:MFE

- 227:2:MFSU

- 246:5:Nuclear Reactor

- 233:*:Reactor Chamber

- 763:6:Battery Box

- 2491:8:LV Battery Station

- 2491:9:MV Battery Station

- 2491:10:HV Battery Station

And im still adding to it, gotta go through every item you want protected (from use) and test it.

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Hi. I tried GriefPrevention out and nearly everything worked fine. Except:

May friend placed a Quarry next to my region and it was able to destroy it.

Is this problem caused by wrong configuration of GP?

Or can´t it actually disable it?

P.S. Turtles do the same.

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