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Wasteland Mod [Sp/Smp]


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Hello there I am the developer of the the wasteland mod and my mod is well as the title suggests its a wasteland where in you try to survive and thrive. In my mod we have the following features: New blocks, New tools. Generation changes, and New armor/tool sets.

Link to minecraft forum post(images, more details and more updated/older versions found there):



To download go here:



Banner 1


Banner 2


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No Adf.ly links - This board is an adf.ly free zone. This is a catch all and includes adcraft or anything else that gives someone money for clicking a link. You will be banned for posting any links like that.

Please use a different service to host the files, like dropbox. And get yourself a paypal donation setup instead.

Also, you have a spot for an mcforums link but no link.

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