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Windows Freeze on Hello


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I found a fix for the windows bug where voltz downloads and opens but stops on the Hello message. It seems to be something with LWJGL so follow these steps and it might work (no guarantees)

Now I've made a few assumptions here as in you know where these folders are if not then look for a bit

1) Download Voltz let it fail

2) Get the newest version of LWJGL

3) in the Voltz folder in the bin folder in the native folder replace

  • jinput-dx8.dll
  • jinput-dx8_64.dll
  • jinput-raw.dll
  • jinput-raw_64.dll
  • lwjgl.dll
  • lwjgl64.dll
  • OpenAL32.dll
  • OpenAL64.dll

4) Under the bin folder replace

  • jinput.jar
  • lwjgl.jar
  • lwjgl_util.jar

5) Run Voltz

Pro tip: also works on tekkit lite

May make a video if enough people ask for it....please don't

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