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Hey i am starting a new tekkit lite server and am looking for 2-4 people to play with. I am looking for creative people who know a fair amount of tekkit and who could put a good amount of time into the server. I am currently hosting the server but am playing on a laptop with 4 g of ram so if u can host it that would be great. In addition my server requires himachi. u must be 12-17 years old and have skype and a mic. if u are interested comment below below with ur info. (name, mc name, skype name, himachi, and/or if u can host the server, and why i should choose u) i am looking forward to starting it up this weekend. my skype is tacossuck101

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Interesting, I'll like to join in this. Here is my info.

Name: Pat (Preferred)

MC Name: Emery_rocks1

Skype: patrickg9494

Himachi: I don't have one but why would I need it? Out of curiosity.

Hosting: I would, but I don't think I have enough memory seeing that I already have a 2 other servers I have with my close friends.

Choosing me: Well, all I can say is that I like playing Tekkit and like to have fun with it. I obviously don't grief, because it'll just come straight back at me but I do acknowledge pranks.

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I would also be interested in this thing and I could host the server if you like(on a laptop as well but I have 8 g ram) As its hamachi it'll only hold 5 people right? do you have anyone else going to join with you? I have one other guy who'd be playing so with you and Emery we'd only have 1 open slot.

Emery hamachi is basically a free program thing (great discription) that allows you to make a server w/out port forwarding you would also need hamachi in order to connect to the server


MC Name:seanieboy666

Skype:seanieboy666 (same as McName)

Hamachi: Described above

Choosing me:I have quite a bit of experience with tekkit and if I hosted the server it'd put less stress on your laptop while recording. Also I may not always be able to talk as my mic is acting up lately but I'm getting a new one soon.

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