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need players for ic2/voltz/buildcraft server


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I am launching a hybrid server runnning a hybrib mix of tekkit and voltz for example charge yor power armor from your nucleor reactor, your high power solar array, antimatter generator, hydrogenrator. Stop your foes with the tesla coil or a missle with an EMP blast! Just working on the custom zip to make lodding the mods easier now. If intrested contact me at [email protected] thanks. Server should go live 24/7 starting 2/3/2013 rules to be posted. !!!

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It's got pretty much ALL of tekkit and voltz in it plus the power converter mods to allow you to use build craft, industrial craft, universal electric, mods and power source side by side for example the power armor mod will run off pretty much any power source (that's almost always been the case though) there's large update that go in on Saturdays and there are some good ones waiting already!!

I've been very lucky to find a talented builder who has help me out ALLOT and he's really made the town look better then I could have. If you have any ideas or suggestion once you see web page or server please let me know!

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